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Tuesday, August 20, 2019

In 1998, FuelLogix's parent company, MicroLogix began providing network services and support to companies in need of technical assistance.  In 2004, MicroLogix became involved in the development of custom software solutions to address client networking, internet, and integration needs.  These service offerings became an important foundation of the architecture and infrastructure yet to come.

In 2005, MicroLogix began development on Agility, using the latest Microsoft .NET technology, with the mission to provide retailers with innovative and flexible solutions that could be overlaid onto their existing systems or be implemented as a stand-alone solution.  In 2007, the first version of Agility was delivered to our flagship client, Love's Country Stores; and thus the genesis of FuelLogix was born.

The goal continues to be the optimization of system functionality to effectively address efficiencies in business operations.  FuelLogix's vision expanded into the development of iFlex, an innovative business intelligence solution, and LoadTrax, designed to streamline fuel procurement.

From MicroLogix's humble beginnings as a local networking provider, it now has a national footprint and today operates three wholly owned subsidiaries dedicated to meeting the needs of their clients.  For FuelLogix, that portfolio has grown to include several leading convenience/petroleum  companies.  As a member of the MicroLogix family of companies, our solutions include industry-specific software, networking solutions, integration, data center operations, and world-class customer service.

MicroLogix Family of Companies

(In addition to FuelLogix, LLC, MicroLogix Information Systems, Inc. operates the following subsidiary companies.)

MicroLogix Network Services, LLC offers a full compliment of Networking services. From Sales, installation and support to Managed Services through our Virtual IT programs, we have a solution to fit both your budget and your needs. MicroLogix Internet Solutions, LLC. provides an array of DataCenter, Hosting, Web Design and Consulting services for our Clients. Anything you need to create, maintain, and market your online presence can be found under this umbrella.