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Sunday, July 21, 2019
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Agility Central Reporting

Agility is a sophisticated, easy-to-use platform for data capture and daily reporting for convenience stores and consigned dealers. Agility uses a powerful interface to collect key operating, accounting and pricebook data; all across a web browser.

FuelLogix offers convenience store/petroleum retailers the ability to experience the optimization and efficiencies of Agility by providing the unique opportunity to implement Agility as an overlay to their existing system or as a complete replacement for their store systems.

Agility features include:

  • Shift and daily reporting
  • Invoice receiving at item or category level
  • Integrated pricebook and exception handling
  • Merchandise inventory
  • Fuel inventory
  • QSR
  • Money Orders
  • Lottery
  • Tank charts
  • Inventory adjustments
  • Physical counts and audits
  • Time and attendance
  • Document imaging
  • Competitor price survey
  • Financial and data exports
  • SQL for custom reports
  • Full audit trails to track changes
  • Single click pricebook validation across all sites 

Agility benefits include:

  • Powerful exception auditing reduces labor costs, increases accuracy, and saves money through reduced errors
  • Simple integration with point-of-sale and backoffice systems preserves existing investment
  • Agility's ease-of-implementation reduces stress on the organization and operations
  • 100% web-based; reduces costs and ongoing support
  • Integrated document imaging speeds workflow, reduces archival, and postage expenses
  • Increased productivity and efficiencies
  • Intuitive operation reduces training costs
  • Unique capability to either replace existing backoffice or integrate backoffice data into Agility optimization and auditing processes

"We migrated from our legacy platform to Agility with all our historical data intact and hit the ground running. With only 2 days of downtime, had we chosen to close the month on a Friday it would have been a ZERO downtime migration... Amazing for a project of this scope.. simply amazing..."

Ed Freels, CIO
WilcoHess, LLC