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Monday, May 27, 2019
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Agility Central Reporting

Agility is a sophisticated, easy-to-use platform for data capture and daily reporting for convenience stores and consigned dealers. Agility uses a powerful interface to collect key operating, accounting and pricebook data; all across a web browser.

FuelLogix offers convenience store/petroleum retailers the ability to experience the optimization and efficiencies of Agility by providing the unique opportunity to implement Agility as an overlay to their existing system or as a complete replacement for their store systems.

Agility features include:

  • Shift and daily reporting
  • Invoice receiving at item or category level
  • Integrated pricebook and exception handling
  • Merchandise inventory
  • Fuel inventory
  • QSR
  • Money Orders
  • Lottery
  • Tank charts
  • Inventory adjustments
  • Physical counts and audits
  • Time and attendance
  • Document imaging
  • Competitor price survey
  • Financial and data exports
  • SQL for custom reports
  • Full audit trails to track changes
  • Single click pricebook validation across all sites 

Agility benefits include:

  • Powerful exception auditing reduces labor costs, increases accuracy, and saves money through reduced errors
  • Simple integration with point-of-sale and backoffice systems preserves existing investment
  • Agility's ease-of-implementation reduces stress on the organization and operations
  • 100% web-based; reduces costs and ongoing support
  • Integrated document imaging speeds workflow, reduces archival, and postage expenses
  • Increased productivity and efficiencies
  • Intuitive operation reduces training costs
  • Unique capability to either replace existing backoffice or integrate backoffice data into Agility optimization and auditing processes

"iFlex allows us to manage a vast amount of data, with a very user-friendly, easy to use engine.  We love it!"

Ronda Walzer, CPA
Musket Accounting Manager