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Sunday, December 17, 2017


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DataBridge is a highly-flexible, scriptable, import/export engine. Running as a Windows service, it monitors multiple directories for file content. Based on XML job descriptions, file content is continuously analyzed. Records meeting designated criteria are selected and imported into target systems.
DataBridge features include: 
  • Able to import nearly any type of file-based data (CSV, TXT, Delimited, Fixed Length, Custom)
  • XML import specifications define the import and post process actions
  • Simple GUI designer for building and testing XML job definitions
  • Maintains archives, using a definable time window
DataBridge benefits include:
  • Allows data to be moved and process in real-time, providing access to information more quickly

"Coming from Store master to Agility was a breeze. There was almost no training other than how to get around from screen to screen, which was pretty self explanatory.  The hardest thing to remember clicking save and not hitting F10."

Rona Freeman
Manager of Store Audting
Loves Travel Stops & Country Stores, Inc.