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Monday, September 16, 2019


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LoadTrax is a web-based, bill-of-lading and workflow validation application. It is designed to integrate with existing fuel management and billing systems. The function of LoadTrax is to streamline the collection of data and ensure its accuracy through workflow compliance at each step of the data collection and auditing process.

This is accomplished by using a system of queues. As fuel loads are entered into the system, the data is evaluated against defined rules for each queue. This ensures price, customer, ship to, terminal, and pulled and dropped products required for the bill-of-lading are accurate prior to being posted to the fuel management system.

LoadTrax validates appropriate tax assessments for each load to ensure tax liabilities are properly maintained and applied. LoadTrax streamlines auditing and operations in organizations where different teams are handling different tasks within the fuel management process. This check and balance process ensures data is correct and eliminates the risk of insufficient taxation being applied to the load.

Retailers control the workflow process and requirements for each queue. Based on designated parameters, audited data is complete and ready for export into the fuel management system. Load accuracy is assured for just pennies per load.

LoadTrax features include:

  • Importing of data from the terminal
  • Bourque integration for accurate railcar information to monitor the supply chain
  • TransLoad.net integration for complete transloading solution
  • Standard exports to fuel accounting and management systems
  • Defined rules for loads to pass each queue
  • Manual bill-of-lading creation and generation
  • Split-load handling
  • Setup and maintain commodities, EPA, and Hazmat messages, with cross-references in the fuel accounting and management system
  • Performance metrics dashboards, showing rolling status of each queue, inventory on hand, and in-transit
  • Tax setup validation for proper tax handling
  • Wide range browser support (IE, Firefox, Chrome, Linux, Safari, Windows, and iPhone); no client software required
  • Detailed logging of all movement; audit trail of each user throughout the system
  • Dashboards displays of critical details

LoadTrax benefits include:

  • Definable rules-based queues ensure accuracy throughout the process; reduces losses and ensures accurate reporting of tax liability
  • Efficient handling of price loads and validation of data; reduces need for audit research, clean data imported to fuel management system
  • Automated importing of terminal liftings; eliminates labor bottlenecks of data entry and improves accuracy of data
  • Distributes tasks to multiple teams while ensuring accuracy through check and balance system


Ken Hoilman
Station Auditor
Gate Petroleum Company